Based on the acclaimed novel by author and scholar, Sandy Krolick, "Veronika" is a tale of love and betrayal. Love of one young man for a woman he could never forget; betrayal of his family, his land, and an entire people.

Set at the foot of the profoundly beautiful Altai Mountains in Western Siberia, the gripping story of Sergei Nikitin begins with indelible recollections of a childhood deeply in tune with the uncultivated Eurasian Steppe and wild Siberian forests. Having been raised in this prinstine landscape, the young Sergei's life and outlook quite naturally lead him to the woman of his childhood dreams, Veronika. But it is not to last. Quickly and efficiently, her meddling and ambitious father, a cold-hearted businessman driven by western ideals of success and profit, pulls Veronika away to America. As quickly as Veronika is found, she is lost.

The loss profoundly changes Sergei, transforming him from a simple boy with roots in the Russian soil, to a globetrotting entrepreneur with ever mounting ambition. Based upon events unfolding in Russia's march towards modernization, "Veronika" plunges deep into the myth, mystery, and psyche of an archaic worldview being swept away in Siberia's headlong rush to the West.

Written by Rob Travalino with Sandy Krolick

Producers Chris Bongirne, Rob Travalino and Sandy Krolick in association with Belovodye Pictures