"The Brasco FIles" is an all-new set of action-packed adventures inspired by FBI Special Agent Joseph D. Pistone who is better known as the real person behind the gripping "Donnie Brasco" story. In 1980's Brooklyn, Pistone risked life and limb every day and spent nearly six years undercover in the Bonnano crime family. His one-man operation resulted in dozens of arrests and convictions for some of the biggest names in organized crime.

"The Brasco FIles" creates a series of stories that take place several years later when Pistone, a huge Mafia contract still on his head in the US, is forced to work undercover someplace else, someplace even more dangerous, the deep, deadly and dark underworld of Italy and Europe.

Written by Rob Travalino

Producers, Chris Bongirne, Lou Diagiamo, Joe Pistone & Rob Travalino