Near the middle of the Twentieth Century and not long after a bloody First World War, how is it possible that a brutal totalitarian regime could again rise in the heart of Europe and plunge the world into a second and far more deadly conflict that would kill millions more?

This incredible question is explored in “Men of Iron”; the fascinating and riveting story of German industrialist Fritz Thyssen and his chilling entanglement with a barely known Austrian paramilitary activist; the future architect of World War II; Adolph Hitler.

"Men of Iron" chronicles the molten brew of political unrest and chaos in post WWI Germany, fueled by the sinister undercurrent of anti-Semitism in Europe, all brought to a boil through the fervent fear of a spreading Bolshevik Revolution. More than simply a tragic sequence of geopolitical events and cultural ills, “Men of Iron” is ultimately about the age-old struggle for power, industrialist versus politician, men of means versus men of ideas and most of all, egos versus egos.

A Cautionary tale, “Men of Iron” doesn’t ask the question, “Could this happen again?” “Men of Iron” unequivocally states, “This is how it happens.”

Director Uli Edel

Written by Rob Travalino

Producers, Chris Bongirne, Avi Haas, Marcus Vogelbacher, Britta Meyermann & Rob Travalino